Is it Rational for so many Folks to be Obsessing about a Certain little Bump and a Certain little Birth?

Captain Tony Draper gives Kate Middleton a tour on board the Princess Cruises ship during its naming ceremony at Ocean Terminal on June 13, 2013 in Southampton, England. Credit: Chris Jackson- WPA Pool/Getty Follow us on Twitter @nannytraining and Facebook



The world waits with baited breath, camera lenses world wide will soon turn to a small street in central London awaiting the news of a new royal baby. Daily information is posted, fed to the public nourishing our appetite for all things Katetastic.  We know who’s going to be in the Lindo Wing ..Will, mum and the star struck sis. We know whose going to get the first call. The Queen, not Prince Charles. The order in which we will hear and what modern media will be used honestly fascinates me. Okay so we’ll know via twitter but who should one follow – check it out – there’s loads and its hard to gauge which is the official one.

Memories of photos of a very young looking Princess Diana on the steps of the hospital will be fresh in our minds but this is a very different scenario. Kate hasn’t put a foot wrong – you could argue that the nasty sneeky photo business merely served to remind everyone that she was not trained for this strange public-private life, and made a genuine foolish error and paid a humiliating price. What we do sense, after all we cannot know, is that she is confident, intelligent and appears loved in the most normal of fashions which has to make her passage into motherhood so much easier than her late mother-in-laws. Many, myself included are especially happy that a ‘commoner’ is producing a Prince or Princess… the stuff of fairytales. Stuff and rubbish there is absolutely no dilution of the royal blood just a good mix of ‘real’.

According to the press (now there’s a reliable source)  the gender is not known yet and when the information is shared we will not only be privy to the name but to whether Kate Middleton had a caesarean. Perhaps too much information – or a recognition of how common-place it is. The tragedy that early press intrusion caused makes one pause and pray that every media element is sensitively handled, one cannot help but feel immense sympathy for the family of Ms. Saldanha for whom every mention must remind them of their loss.

Over here at Riverside Nannies we have to fess-up, we are of course obsessing about every detail. Is it rational? Ummm No! But it is amazing how easily one slips into reading every sliver of info that is possetted out by the palace.  For example we’re wondering   can it really true there won’t be a Nanny?  We hear that instead Kate’s mother will care for new mother and child initially. I doubt that this will be a long-term strategy and eagerly await the opportunity to report on  this exciting unfolding story. As a long term strategy it’s unsustainable as frankly there will be situations when the new family will attend events when having mum in tow will frankly be weird, and what about Mr. Middleton will he simply stay at home whilst his wife globe trots?

And name, I’m voting if it’s a boy  George Edward Alexander (with a nod to the royal dressmakers) and that he should be addressed as Jack. Why not after all Prince Harry is really Prince Henry Charles Albert David!

Gaby Morris

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