By George They’ve Done It

Walk past a newsagent most places worldwide and odds on your going to see a certain chap gracing the front cover of most magazines and newspapers. London is  awash with photos of the christening of Prince George, taken by photographer of the moment Jason Bell.

If you know Riverside Cares well you’ll know that we have three loves, childcare, caring for the family and of course football (we are English after all) so naturally we would think this official photograph has to be the winner and clearly so does George! Future England goalie in the making ……….maybe

Gorgeous George


Speculating about the etiquette around a royal christening – I can’t help but wonder what are the do’s and don’t’s – can you refuse the invitation … even if you wanted to or would it be ‘off with their head’, and what happens if you aren’t well on the day? Sneezing is such a no no. Does one give a present – I undoubtedly yes, but what a terrifying prospect – what does one chose, I’m guessing antiques are two a penny round the house. Something tiny and very personal seems to feel right – a tiny book of favourite poems, a Wedgwood nursery plate or maybe a tiny tin solder … well it is the family profession

Central to understanding the messaging coming from team K & W is they want to try have a normal parenting experience. Much as I love their efforts to be relaxed and natural I still believe that in incremental steps they will not be able to help themselves and become less and less like Kate’s family (not sure how normal they are anyway) and more and more like folks heading for the role which now awaits them. Maybe that is just how it should be and maybe it’s what we really want in our heart of hearts. We like our royals to be ….royal and that means not like us.

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