Baby Cam Does it for a Burglar or a case of Big Brother is Watching You?

Over the weekend a burglar in New Jersey, who ferociously attacked a mother in her home one morning last week whilst her three-year-old cowered on the couch watching, was caught. The video of the attack, filmed on the family’s baby-cam, had spread during the week virally. We looked on aghast at the viciousness of the attack – bystanders to what for all intense purposes looked like a poor made-for-tv film.

Caught on Nanny Cam


What is known is that the likelihood of the attacker being caught would have been seriously diminished if it were not for the film. So do we need to revisit the usefulness and multi-purpose use of baby-cams? Are they in fact a really smart piece of kit that provides evidence of incidents for the whole family, silently capturing events one wishes to relive and others one would prefer to forget. Or, are they still the most intrusive pieces of modern technology capturing parts of stories, snippets of events, in the process forcing judgements about how we behave when we forget the camera is rolling?

As a tool to check on ‘at-home’ child-carers I still find it disturbing. What opinion can one really form from what one sees and how might one act on it. The team at Riverside Nannies are divided on this one. Let’s be clear an obvious abusive actions recorded lead to swift action but what about shades of grey, a sharp word, a snappy retort…

Do you have an experience of having to utilise evidence on a baby-cam and did it work for you? What advice would you give families?

Gaby Morris

Co-owner Riverside Nannies, Riverside Childcare and Riverside Training Company